Growing up again……

As the knife slices through the soft cream dividing your inscribed name into two parts, the voice within drowns the good old birthday song by reminding you “you have just become another year older”. How we wish we could turn the clock back? The favourite topic that does the rounds during a get-together is about childhood where every man tries to boast being the most notorious one in the neighbourhood and the women pose to be the most innocent in their yesteryear’s charms. However the bitter truth stings deep in the heart that those days would never come back no matter how hard you may try.

Well I would beg to differ over here. The entire childhood can be re-lived again if you can look through the eyes of your little one growing in front of you. While the so called “Y” generation’s brain cells are developing in a breakneck speed compared to what we went through during our times, the basic roots of going through those wonderful period remains the same. While a Doremon may be a bigger star than our Angry Young Man, a Barbie more beautiful than Cleopatra, a GI Joe stronger and committed than the Ghost who walks: imagining a super hero or a beautiful damsel to inspire our growing still rules strong. I still remember those video games that we used to sneak into the classes now getting replaced by the play station cartridges. That solitary guava tree which was my best friend and a languishing corner in a lazy afternoon has now metamorphosed into a couch ensconced in the cool comforts of an air conditioned room where my little one spends hours together in her own world of imagination and indulges in the same old habit of dramatized soliloquy. Those cookies and pickles have been replaced by chocolate bars and ice cream slabs but that vanishing act remains intact over the generations. “Tell me why” still has its own catch twenty-two impact though the variety of questions has moved from “where the baby comes” to “artificial insemination”. Objects may have changed but objectives continue to stay immortal. So my question is why not re-live those golden moments again by living with your little ones when they are going through that growing age.

Livelihood pressures I can understand takes away maximum share of that sprinting clock and at the end what remains in us is fatigue and a stressed out intellect. But then in this wilderness, we lose out enjoying those moments that surround us every moment and retrospectively murmur over those days gone past thinking they would never come again. Irony is, those days do come back to us and all that we need to do is to start acknowledging their presence.

When was the last time you read a story to your little ones or shared a game with them?

When was it that you actually sat amidst their toys and rode their imagination of running a school or a kitchen or even a conglomerate of their own?

When did you go through the cycle of living rich where your coffers were filled with virtual money and one could just buy anything under the sun forget about the cities and government establishments. That feeling itself is something that would give you those moments of absolute tranquillity and bliss which probably the best of the branded stuff cannot, even after dousing yourself from head to toe.

There is a child in every man or a woman as I don’t want to sound gender specific. Let that child come out and give you back those days of growing again. Nothing can be more endearing than turning the clock back after those dreary office hours and growing up like a child because living that innocence is still not a passé.



……………………………………Sandeep Jena

Executive Director


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