Voice of Employees

As a part of our inherent culture, we in Apexa work as a family and therefore value each other’s presence even when they have left the orgnization in their pursuit for greener pastures. We welcome those who are still working with us and also who worked with us at certain point of time to write about their experiences so that we can take cues out of their feelings and keep improving our culture towards the betterment of their lives and our eco-system.

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Sandeep Jena

I joined this organisation in October 2012 and i have completed more than 5 years as i speak. It has been a journey of immense learning and rich experience in the domain of capability building, process audits, BPO operations and IT development. The entire ecosystem gives me complete freedom to exercise my creative intellect without fearing the eventuality of a failure. The amazing
support of the team and the able guidance of the CEO has transformed my entire professional life from just a salaried working individual to an aspiring Entrepreneur. What I like in particular about this organisation is
its transparency in operation and the proximity to modern day technology to
improve productivity and efficiency of its members. Long Live Apexa.

Jane Doe

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The Annual Meet where the entire Apexa family congregated for 2 nights and 3 days of work and fun.