Overview of Service

We conduct all kinds of audit programmes whether it related to sales and marketing, customer service or financial processes and imperatives. Our main motto is to correct things the way they are supposed to be and not just dig deep only to find faults and fallacies. We preserve findings as highly classified materials and share with only the stakeholders. We are experts in conducting mystery audits especially in the domains of safety and customer experience management. Our reporting ecosystem shares findings in real time and also provides a complete analysis that is substantiated with authentic evidences.

Our Audit Services

Channel Audit

Safety Audit

Financial Audit

Process Audit

Mystery Audit


Our expertise


Experienced Auditors with hands on experience in conducting both overt and covert audit processes. Their operations are monitored and managed by a robust back end staff for cross examination.


We treat all information and findings as classified materials and share them only with the concerned stakeholders. We capture enough evidences to substantiate the authenticity of the findings.


This is one of our core competency area where we use spy-cams and audio recorders to facilitate the entire process. Our auditors act as dummy customers and capture real life situation at Ground Zero


Our in-house developed application provides reports to our clients at real time. The application captures both data as well as evidences and is further customised with respective viewing rights.


Channel Partner Audit, Retail outlet Audits, Retail Satisfaction survey, Brand saliency, Net Promoter Score, C-sat Survey. Branded outlets audit.

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Advantages Of Apexa

  • Comb the length and breadth of the country including rural areas.
  • Tech savvy auditors with extensive usage of spy-cams, audio recorders, GPS and Location Trackers for authentic evidences.
  • Optimization of resources through proper planning helps in reducing overheads making the entire process economical for the clients.
  • Widespread infrastructure synergized within the group companies to leverage presence and expertise.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Cross Auditing process to re-check authenticity and ensure quality enhancement.
  • Strong back end team to monitor field movements, collate and process data within timelines.
  • Online reporting system for immediate access to real time data.
  • Applications developed in-house to automate the auditing process and minimize manual interventions.


  • Consultancy related to impact analysis – financial impact as well as impact management,Advisory and consultancy on the day to day transactions.
  • Imparting training to all levels of management in the corporate sector on how to adopt the change.
  • Providing one stop solution for GST related compliances and changes in the accounting as well as impact on the IT system.
  • Providing the pre-audit facility i.e. monthly Audit facility to the client to avoid the litigation in GST and to do compliance accurately.
  • Providing the service related to Audit and Assurance into GST Audit.
  • Providing services related to claiming refund under GST for the export oriented business.
  • Providing retainer-ship services for continuous, day to day solutions for implication in GST.
  • One stop solution for all for all GST related litigations.

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  • Provide advisory and consultancy in the field of Indirect taxation which helps business into day to day transactions and into important decision related to business.
  • Consultancy in structuring and formulating effective tax strategies for various corporates that have culminated into substantial tax advantages.
  • Provide litigation services regarding notice served to Commissioner (Appeal ), CESTAT level and at DGCEI level.
  • Provide the services related to Audit and Assurance which includes providing assistance to the clients in Audits conducted by department.
  • Provide monthly audit facility to our client to do compliance accurately from Indirect tax perspective.

    • Providing consultancy in relation to transactions involving Foreign Exchange.
    • Advising in designing a structure for inbound and outbound investments.
    • Advising on setting up joint ventures/subsidiaries with non-resident participation and obtaining approvals from the Foreign Exchange Promotion Board/Reserve Bank of India.
    • Advising on External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) and obtaining the necessary approvals.
    • Advising on transfer of shares from residents to non-residents and vice versa and Advising on setting up of liaison offices and branches in India and overseas.

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    • Direct taxes – Income tax
    • Audits and Assurance services
    • International taxation
    • Accounting system
    • Accrual based Accounting Systems